Our Services

Depending on your needs, we will work the way that suits your style and preference most to offer the very best service. Either you need a consult or design service only or prefer a one-stop-shop approach and will access all the services you need directly through us, whatever approach works best for you, we’re here to help.

Every contract enquiry, irrespective of size, begins with an initial discussion to appraise the size of the required work and client’s needs. Should both sides come to an agreement on the consultation service cost, we will submit a design proposal to you. The proposal includes design layout, 3D pictures together with recommendations on design, materials, colours, textures and styles, and could include construction price cost estimates.

If you want a turn-key service, after reaching agreement on the design, we would nominate a Contract Manager, together with a highly skilled team to carry out the installation work and oversee the project through to completion. We have the resources, skills and experience to take on your entire project and ensure that you will have a great result.